Rihanna & Adele Dropping NEW MUSIC In 2020?!?

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When thinking back on music released in 2019, we were spoiled. This past year was the rise of Lizzo, Taylor Swift made us feel all mushy inside and on the other hand, Ariana Grande gave us the fiercest feels with her surprise “Thank U, Next” album.

But there were a few artists who made us think 2019 would also be their year, annnnd it wasn’t. In that case, here’s who we’re predicting will drop some new beats in 2020…

What’s up guys, it’s Dani Golub back here on Clevver News, and I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a bone to pick with some artists

*cough* Rihanna *cough*

Buuuut I can’t place too much blame on them because for one, it’s the holiday’s and I’m feeling extra jolly, and secondly, they were just living their lives and trying to stay sane. Honestly, same.

But with the new decade comes new energy, so to kick things off, we are predicting that 2020 will be the year of Rihanna’s music.

Although 2019 was a massive year for the RiRi, fans have been eagerly awaiting #R9 for quite some time.

AKA like four years since the release of her last album Anti in 2016, and it doesn’t help that Rihanna has been teasing it herself.

She recently dished to Vogue that she’d be going back to her reggae roots for R9 and that a collaboration with Lil Nas X is in the works, saying, “I like to look at it as a reggae-inspired or reggae-infused album. It’s not gonna be typical of what you know as reggae. But you’re going to feel the elements in all of the tracks.”

Moving on to one album we already KNOW will be dropping in 2020 is Justin Bieber’s, and boyyyy is he making it known.

After teasing an album dropping before the end of the year if his post got a certain amount of likes and didn’t measure up, he has been posting photos with “2020” to Instagram all month long, sooo I’m predicting this one’s pretty set in stone.

And we’re hoping for some collaborations on that one!

Another celeb who loves to keep their fans on their toes is Lady Gaga. After dabbling in film, like her movie A Star Is Born, and slaying her Vegas show, Gaga might be back in the studio.

She hasn’t released a full-on album since Joanne in 2016, sooo we’re ready for it Gaga!

And while I may not be going through a breakup, I still might be in the mood to be all up in my feels, and I haven’t felt that since Adele’s release of 25, back in 2015.

She went through divorce last spring, so I’m assuming she may have some good, but sad, material to work with.

I know I would be so here for a Taylor Swift musical of any kind.

But now seems like a good time to turn it over to you guys because I know you got a lot of musical hopes and dreams on your wishlist.

Which of these artists do you think will hit us with new music first? And is there another artist or group you’re really hoping releases new music?

Get to talking down here in the comments, and then click right over here for another new video, and don’t forget to subscribe and hit that bell because you don’t want to miss any more Clevver News. And as always, I’m your host Dani Golub, and I’ll see you next time.

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